Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  • Providing a true, secure and qualified solution based on business logic needs and suitable public blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger) or private like IBM blockchain.
  • Digital assets exchange platform.
  • Cryptocurrencies wallet solution.
  • Smart Contract solutions for Cryptocurrency, Tokens and other Crypto-Assets.
  • Establishment of ICO platforms.
  • Support in ICO process.
  • Business consulting for ICOs.

Trading Platforms

  • Architecture, design and implementation from scratch to mass production.
  • Brokerage & OTC structure end-to-end solution.
  • Marketing channels and user behavior tracking.
  • Integration STP solutions by risk management logic.
  • Fast and stable quotes providing with Best-Bid and Best-Ask solutions.
  • Easy, smart, and professional risk management systems.
  • Rich Back-Office and features.

Database Solutions

  • End-To-End database architecture, business logic and legacy systems Integration.
  • Performance and concurrency tuning.
  • Transactions data security and integrity.
  • Data Mining and business insights.
  • Business measures alerts and system monitoring.
  • BI solutions and integrations with industry leaders (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, etc).
  • DRP project development and consulting.
  • Big Data consulting.


  • Statement of trading logic in the fast and modular program code, considering all the features of integration with the liquidity providers.
  • Backtests based on real market quotes, analysis and logic performance.
  • Production stability and trading monitoring systems.
  • Implementation of custom technical indicators.
  • Assets and derivatives market tracking and inspections.
  • Signals and events solutions.

Business Requirements Profiling

  • Setting clear characterization and bringing it to maturity

Planning Road Map

  • Setting the project milestones according to the requirements and goals

Development and Implementation

  • Architecture, code writing, development team leading. Throughout the entire process, risk assessment and predicted ROI are performed


  • Project deployment
    and POC

Enhance Time to Market

  • Ready solutions to known problems



Vlad Amirov


brings 20 years of experience in leading development teams in the field of online trading systems. Expert in architecture and technologies, providing complex solutions to support business challenges in mass production systems. Established 5 successful platforms from start to production.

Yoav Pinkas


is a recognized expert in data bases with over 30 years of experience in solution development, Database administration and Data Architecture. Has already established 4 successful platforms from the initiation stage to Mass Production.

Ori Erez


Ori brings almost a decade of experience in the Fintech industry leading technological projects and development teams in the field of trading Systems, process analysis, automation and Algo-Trading.



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